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life at Faro
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life at Faro


Karla Bustos



Working at Faro CG as a project manager has been an exceptional experience. I have found a stimulating and challenging work environment, where excellence and innovation in project management are valued. I am surrounded by a highly trained and committed team, which allows me to achieve outstanding results in each project I lead.

Project Managers at Faro Consulting Group are results-driven professionals committed to delivering sustainable, value-adding outcomes for clients.

They excel in assembling and guiding teams, in collaboration with clients, to create a foundation of trust and shared goals.

Their strategic mindset and persuasive communication skills are pivotal in their roles. Furthermore, they are dedicated to sharing knowledge and fostering the professional growth of their team members.

Matias Casas



Working in this organization has been a true pleasure and a constant learning experience. The consulting team is highly qualified and committed, ready to tackle any challenge with passion and determination. The culture of collaboration and mutual support at Faro CG has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally.

Senior Consultants at Faro Consulting Group are dedicated to delivering value in their engagements. They excel in structuring problems from various perspectives, analyzing the advantages and drawbacks of each approach. Their creativity in sourcing information is matched by a steadfast commitment to efficiency.

They collaborate effectively both within Faro CG and with client teams, fostering environments that are both collaborative and conducive to constructive outcomes.

They adapt quickly to different environments and are excited to learn continuously.




At Faro CG, I have had the opportunity to grow professionally, face new challenges, and develop my skills. I feel fortunate to be part of a committed and collaborative team, where my ideas are valued and my efforts recognized.

Consultants at Faro Consulting Group are committed to delivering value through their actions and informed by thorough analysis of concrete data. They possess a deep understanding of the interconnections within various aspects of a problem or situation, and approach challenges with a logical and clear methodology.

They engage in teamwork both internally at Faro CG and externally with clients, playing a key role in nurturing collaborative and constructive work environments.

They adapt quickly to different environments and are excited to learn continuously.





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